5 Things to do in Panama City, Panama (2022)


This gem of Panama City, Casco Viejo, Panama has everything you would ever need for a trip in the city. Luxury restaurants with exceptional service, hospitality, and better food, but affordability like nowhere else

Spend the day in San Felipe, better known as Casco Viejo.


When going around Panama City I will say that new Panama City isn’t the most exciting city to go through, but it has a lot of art galleries and museums that are worth seeing. MAC, Panama canal Museum, Museo de la Esmeralda, Museo de Panama Viejo to name a few.

Visit art galleries and museums


For all you foodies that like to find the locals favorites, I would recommend starting at MOMI. MOMI is a Panamanian favorite when it comes to cakes and all things deserts and pastries.

Try the amazing food


The Panama canal is another place to see while you are down there. One of the biggest engineering accomplishments of the modern-day.

Checkout the Panama Canal

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